Have you experienced the following challenges due to the sun's harmful UV rays?

  • Excessive heat and glare
  • High energy costs due to air conditioner use
  • Fading of expensive furniture and flooring

Applying our solar control and energy saving film will mitigate these risks. Our wide range of film allows in natural light but keeps out harmful and damaging UV rays.

Major benefits:

  • Reduces glare on television and computer screens. No more squinting and increased productivity in the office
  • With almost 100% UV blockage your furniture, carpets, flooring, blinds and curtains will be further protected and increase their life spans
  • Reduce summertime temperatures by up to 5 degrees
  • Retains heat during winter months
  • Reduces energy loss by up to 40% and leads to a reduction of up to 30% on costly energy bills
  • Gives you payback on your investment within three years
  • Increased daytime privacy (This is a one way tint)
  • Has aesthetic appeal
  • Can be used for both residential and commercial buildings
  • Has a safety aspect by keeping broken shards of glass in place in case of a breakage

There’s a Glass Guards film to meet your needs.