Frosted vinyl application is a perfect option to create a new elegant environment, enhance the beauty and add a touch of class and privacy to interior and exterior glass spaces at your home or office.

This is a fantastic alternative to traditional sandblasting at a fraction of the cost and can be easily removed whenever you would like to keep things new and updated. We have a wide range of styles and designs to choose from and are able to custom design according to your own interior and decorative needs.

This is perfect for lobbies, conference rooms, private offices, homes, glass partitions, bathrooms, shop windows and retail environments.

Major benefits:

  • Improved interior appearance and privacy
  • Designs can be implemented according to your own needs and requirements
  • Patterns can applied vertically or horizontally for different effects
  • Can be easily removed and customised to your own desires
  • An effective cost alternative to traditional sandblasting
  • Perfect for branding and company logos
  • With almost 95% UV blockage your furniture, carpets, flooring, blinds and curtains will be further protected and increase their life spans