Provides a classic etched effect to your glass, transforming it and adding a touch of class and extra design elements to your home or office.

Glass art can take form in a wide variety of logos or designs making your options unlimited, bringing an extra design element to your windows or glass. We can create your own design or re-purpose existing designs, which provides you with a wide variety of choices for turning ordinary areas into stylish features.

We have cutting edge printing facilities and are professionals in producing and applying state of the art glass art designs for boardrooms, glass partitions, window shopfronts, office doors, retail outlets, and your home.

Major benefits:

  • Improved interior appearance and privacy
  • Designs can be implemented according to your own needs and requirements
  • Patterns can applied vertically or horizontally for different effects
  • Can be easily removed and customised to your own desires
  • An effective cost alternative to traditional sandblasting
  • Perfect for branding and company logos
  • With almost 95% UV blockage your furniture, carpets, flooring, blinds and curtains will be further protected and increase their life spans