Automotive smash & grab safety window film protecting you and your passengers

With the ever increasing vehicle smash & grab attacks on our South African roads, Glass Guards can provide a solution to benefit the safety of yourself as well as your passengers.

Glass Guards automotive safety window film provides protection against:

• smash and grab attacks
• injury from flying glass in the event of an accident

Glass Guards automotive safety window films offer a 99% rejection / block-out of ultra violet rays significantly reducing:

• the risk of skin cancer caused from the harmful rays of the sun
• the fading and cracking of interior upholstery and trimmings

Glass Guards automotive safety window film is tinted in various shades with a high heat rejection, offering:

• increased comfort and safety for the driver
• less use of the air conditioner resulting in better fuel economy

Glass Guards automotive safety window film tint will reduce the sun’s glare, offering:

• improved driving comfort
• less fatigue and safer driving


Glass Guards only uses 100 micron premium grade, scratch resistant automotive safety window film.


Glass Guards offers a lifetime warrantee on all automotive smash & grab installations against defects such as peeling, cracking, blistering, bubbling or fading.


Glass Guards fitment teams are professional and well trained ensure quality installations.

Glass Guards safety window film offers real benefits and peace of mind for you and your family!